Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Men

unique gift ideas for men

Finding the right gift for your guy can be a challenge. If your guy is anything like my guy, he will likely say he doesn't want anything. And then you are left in a pickle. You see guys, we want to give gifts, we want to see your awkward reactions, we really, just really want an excuse to go shopping (or in my case pour an extra glass of wine to help thwart the indecisiveness, add things into my virtual cart of happiness, and wait impatiently for the mail truck to arrive.) Anyway, back to buying a gift for your guy. You could play it safe and buy him this, these or this (which is now 25% and comes highly recommended by my sister who has a reputation for giving the most classic, timeless gifts such as this one).....But you already knew about these gifts and that's not why I'm here. I've enlisted the help of Kaytlynn (and to her new husband, if you happen to be reading this, you might have married the most creative gift giver in all the land), my sisters, some lovely readers,  and my own … [Read More...]

What to Wear on Thanksgiving

what to wear thanksgiving

Thanksgiving takes the cake in my book… it’s my jam… the crème de la crème… a little slice of heaven… (do you see what I’m doing here?)… the pea’s knees. Okay we took it too far on that last one. But seriously, what’s better than a holiday that revolves around food? It’s glutinous and amazing and appropriately followed by another day that revolves around over-indulging (hello, Black Friday). And leftovers! Leftovers are the reason for the season. Quote me on it. Seriously, the only challenge of Thanksgiving in my book is finding an outfit that will look presentable yet still allow me to … [Read More...]

20 Activities to Keep your Toddler Busy

busy activities for toddlers

This post is 99% self serving. If you read my blog you know that I am struggling with a one year old who is into everything. No really, he is part monkey. And to top it off, there is not one single toy in my house that he will play with. Instead, he wants to play with everything that he shouldn't - including but not limited to my coffee machine, the spice rack, cords, and chemicals under the sink. Out of desperation, I need to find something that would keep him busy in a more, umm, shall we say, appropriate way. After a desperate plea on Facebook, many readers came to my rescue and gave me … [Read More...]

VTech InnoTab Max Givewaway


It's a fact that technology and computers are (or are going to be) a huge part of our children's lives. It's also a fact that my 5 year old is probably already more techno-literate than his mother. I have been looking into tablets for Christmas because they offer more security and educational options, and quite frankly, I'm tired of in-app purchases! I am thrilled to be a part of this giveaway for a VTech InnoTab Max hosted by my friend, Sarah, at Finnegan and the Hughes. See details below and enter away!   The 2014 Holiday Season is upon us and VTech is offering my readers the … [Read More...]

Stitch Fix Fall Wardrobe Updates

stitch fix denim

I just received a new Stitch Fix for some fun fall wardrobe updates! This was my favorite "Fix" yet. I've learned to be very specific with the stylist - i.e. "I want a military jacket"... and it I think that really helps. What I like even more is that I don't need to use any more brainpower after that and then and it is delivered to my door. I sort of get butterflies when it arrives. It might be worth it just for that. I love fun mail. Here is a preview of my style box..... I can't decided what to keep and what to send back. I'd love to hear what you think! Look 1: Splendid West Village … [Read More...]

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

holiday gift guide for kids

 It's here!! The official Sisters to Sons Holiday Gift Guide for Kids! I've scoured what seems like the entire world for the best gifts for your little ones! All toys in this gift guide have either been recommended by a reader, are personal favorites of my own children, or are items that this "Santa" (or Santa's parents) will be buying this year. This is a collection of well-made and well-loved gifts, all hand selected with the following guidelines in mind: * This post contains affiliate links. (Please allow a few moments for the gifts to load!) Featured Gifts: Holiday Gift Guide … [Read More...]

4 Things that Will Make Your Life Easier


Based on the attention my last post received, I can't help but think it's because there are many mamas out there who can relate. We have a lot on our minds. We have a lot of things to remember. We can do it all, but admittedly, things can be easier with a little help. And if we can make our job  of "raising humans" a little easier, than why not? Here are 4 things that will make your life easier: 1. Instacart - Ok this might be too good to be true. It's an app (and you can also just go to the website on your computer) , type in your zip code and the participating stores will display like … [Read More...]

A letter from the Default Parent to the Back-Up Parent.

default parent

** Prior to reading this post, make sure you have read this Huff Post article on the Default Parent. The post below was inspired by this because, really, can anyone replicate the duties of the default parent? And more importantly, would the lucky position of "default parent" even exist if it weren't for the back-up parent? I tend to think not....  Dear Back-Up Parent, I thought I'd write you a little note in the event of my absence. Being the Back-Up parent you are automatically next in line to assume the role of Default Parent and/or hiring an understudy so I thought I'd write down … [Read More...]

The Blanket Scarf Trend

target blanket scarf

There are two variables that influence my general disdain for winter in the North East. First, I hate waking up before the sun. I did this insane thing where I rowed crew in college and I swear half of the reason I committed to this craziness was to try and somehow train myself to enjoy mornings. Spoiler alert, it’s impossible. You can’t just make a non-morning person a morning person, and you certainly can’t achieve it by waking them up at 4:30 a.m. and throwing them in a boat in the middle of a freezing river.....(Also of note, I can’t swim).  I was certain that waking so early for so many … [Read More...]

5 Things that Mess with Your Kid’s Sleep

things that mess with kids sleep

When you become a parent you become obsessed with sleep - your own sleep and your kid's sleep. It becomes a daily topic of conversation, a goal in life, and something you would dream about it, you know, if you could actually sleep and have a dream. So I thought I'd make a short list of things that mess with your kid's sleep just so you can either prepare for them mentally or simply avoid them at all costs. Here are 5 Things That Mess with Your Kid's Sleep 5. Creaky floor boards. Put X's on them with duct tape or do whatever you need to do. There is ALWAYS one right near the exit of every … [Read More...]

Into everything.

Today was rough. I literally cried on the phone to my mom because I am so exhausted from trying to keep up with my toddler. I am tired of cleaning up one mess while he is simultaneously making another one. I had had it. And there is something about crying on the phone to your mom that just feels so good. (Sorry, mom). But the tears were necessary. You see, I decided that putting locks on everything might help the situation, but my power tool inadequacies got the best of me and, well, I lost it. So what did I decide to do? After posting a rant on Facbeook (obvi), I started video taping my son. … [Read More...]