The Best of Black Friday (all in one spot!)

Black Friday Sales

I've rounded up the best of Black Friday deals for you all and here they are all in one spot. Happy shopping. // 30% off select clothing , shoes, accessories, jewelry, and watches with code 30BLACKFRI Banana Republic // Half off sweaters and 40% off the rest of your purchase restrictions apply with code BRFRIDAY Bandier // 25% off site wide   Joe’s Jeans // 30% off sitewide + free shipping some exclusions apply Micro Kickboard // Up to 50% scooters and accessories! Urban Outfitters // Thursday, 11/26-Saturday, 11/28 30% off sale 40% off sale for Urban On Members (To become an Urban On member, all you have to do is sign up with an email address, it’s very easy!) Select Women’s + Men’s Sweaters are $39 All Women’s + Men’s Flannels are $29 20% off All Men’s Full Price Graphic Tees Select Women’s + Men’s Tees $19 All Crosley Record Players starting at $80 Pins and Needles Lace Halter Bras $20 20% off all Men’s Full Price … [Read More...]

Easy Apple Crisp (My Grandmother’s Recipe)

easy apple crisp

Ahh apple crisp. One of my all time favorite desserts. I thought I'd share this quick and easy apple crisp recipe in case you are in charge of dessert for any upcoming holiday get togethers.  My grandmother, who is 94 years old, passed this recipe down and it is something that will always remind me of her. She always has one glass of wine with dinner, and always, always, has dessert.  She lives the motto "everything in moderation" and as she reaches her century old status, she has made me a believer. Say yes to the gym, but also say yes to the dessert menu. So. You did the obligatory … [Read More...]

Waltzing Matilda {Wow Factor Gifts to Last a Lifetime}

waltzing matilda

There comes a point in a girl's life where she wants, no scratch that, she craves to carry a regular bag. A beautiful, fabulous, stunning, but regular bag - not a diaper bag. A bag without elastic outer pockets for baby bottles, or without inner compartments filled with wipes, and extra clothes, and burp clothes, and a bag where the bottom, no doubt, has a film of powdered formula, caked into the creases. Sometimes a girl wants a bag just for herself. To make her feel like an adult. A woman. A bag that signifies the years of accomplishments and triumphs from the diaper bag days, just prettier, … [Read More...]

4 Festive Holiday Dresses

festive holiday dress

Thanksgiving is just a week away and then we are IN it. In the thick of the most magical time of year ;) - HOLIDAY SEASON. You know, the time of year where you run around like a crazy person buying everything in sight, elbowing other moms over the last must have toy on your kid's list, making 12 dozen cookies too many, eating 12 dozen cookies too many, begging and pleading for someone to watch your kids and then paying babysitters quadruple the normal amount because you have not one, but 3 holiday parties in one single night. You know, that time of year. Anyway, I had a hunch that you might be … [Read More...]

The Perfect Thanksgiving Outfit.

what to wear thanksgiving

Clearly I am not in charge of cooking this year (or any year) which is why I have time to think of such things as what to wear on Thanksgiving. I'll stick to what I know best - bringing the veggie tray - and making sure all of my kids are accounted for while wearing something that is equal parts chic and cozy. Thanksgiving, for us, typically includes a little knock-around-football, a walk around the neighborhood, and ok, maybe a liiiitle cooking on my part (I think I signed up to bring this appetizer this year) and then a lot of eating. Dressing "up" is out of the question - I need my … [Read More...]

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Part II (Play Time + Games + Techy Stuff)

Welcome to the second part of the gift guide series! A recap on a few important notes: If you missed Part 1 you can find that here. I choose toys that make your kids think, interact, manipulate, move, and imagine The gifts towards the top of each individual graphic are for the younger kids and increases in age as you go down You can also click on any image to bring you to the shopping link Wine goes well with online shopping. Just sayin' Grandparents love gift ideas. One word: FORWARD. Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Part II Strum // A personalized music set. Wow factor gift … [Read More...]

The Sunday Brief

Eat // This dinner, this side. This stew. This pasta. Three easy weeknight meals. Can you tell I have a thing for Real Simple? Need it. Want it. // If you have preschool age kids, how awesome is this? Must Have // Splurge or Save. Philly Fun // Tons of fun holiday stuff to do in Philly this season. Turkey Day // Some fun stats on how Americans like to spend their Thanksgiving. What Will They Think of Next // Tinder for baby names? WHAT?! Parenting // This is now in full effect in my house. #canwesaydesperate #itactuallyworks Hooray for Headstrong // Strong-willed child on … [Read More...]

It’s Not You. It’s me.


Dear Little Loves, I know I've been tough on you lately. There has been a LOT of yelling and shaking of the head on my part. And I just realized something... It's not you. It's me. When you dump every last toy (that was neatly organized into bins by type) onto the carpet, then mix them together, hide some under the couch and beneath the cushions, shove them into nooks and crannies that I never knew existed and I get mad. MAD (!!!) I am sorry. It's not you. It's me. When you rip every last piece of clothing out of your drawer and leave them scattered on the floor only to find … [Read More...]

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids {Part 1 – Building Toys, Arts + Crafts, Sports}

holiday gift guide for kids

Ok, first, a little bit about this year's gift guide. If you've been reading for a while you know that my holiday gift guides for kids tend to showcase high quality toys that stand the test of time. I choose toys that make your kids think, interact, manipulate, move, and imagine. I tend to stay away from batteries if possible (because let's be honest, who has time for those tiny screws), and I do my best to recommend the not-so-obvious gifts (think Legos, Barbies, baseball gloves) because you already know your kids will love them! The gifts in my guide are all either personal recommendations … [Read More...]

Holiday Photo Cards “Fun”

minted holiday cards

Sunny day. Check. Coordinating outfits. Check. Kids grumpy about wearing coordinating outfits. Check. Realizing one kid has no pants to wear because he outgrew everything from last year 20 minutes prior to picture time. Check. Candy for bribery. Check. Half-assed curling iron through your own hair in case you make it into one of the photos. Check. Tantrum over fancy shoes which leads to red eyes and high blood pressure, maybe even a headache. Check. Questioning thoughts about why you are even bothering. Check. And I'm going to stop you right there. I'll tell you why you … [Read More...]

Holiday Gifts for the Family at the Nordstrom Fall Sale

gifts for the family

Holiday gift guides are coming... but I couldn't pass up the chance to curate a mini-gift guide featuring holiday gifts for the family from the Nordstrom Fall Sale. Because, who doesn't love a good sale, right? All of these gifts are 30-60% off and are deals that can't be missed... and will sell out fast (the sale ends November 15th). Hopefully this little bonus preview gives you a head start to your shopping - I mean, the Starbucks red cups are out which must mean that the holiday season has officially begun ;) More gift guides to come in the next few days so be sure to check back! *The … [Read More...]