Parenting For The Digital Age Giveaway


  Parenting For The Digital Age Giveaway Parents today have a hard job of balancing and censoring how the media is affecting our children. Bill Ratner talks candidly about his decisions to unplug from and get back to what is important: human relationships. Momma Lew recently reviewed Parenting for the Digital Age and you can read the review here. Bill Ratner wants to enlighten one lucky reader with a copy of his new book - Parenting For The Digital Age. One lucky winner will receive a copy of the book + a $25 Amazon Gift Card. This giveaway will end at midnight on 11/5 and is open to US Residents, 18+, one entry per household. To enter, follow the steps in the giveaway form. Good luck! Entry-Form *Participating bloggers did not receive any compensation for this giveaway. Momma Lew and participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment. … [Read More...]

10 Reasons I Didn’t Answer the Phone

reasons I didn't answer the phone

I see you lighting up. I feel you buzzing in my back pocket. I hear you ring ding-a-ling-ing away, but sorry... DECLINE. But before you take offense to me blatantly disregarding your call, let me explain. I have 10 really good reasons I didn't answer the phone. 10. I was diffusing a fight over a missing head on a dinosaur. Things were about to get ugly. Trust me, I was sparing you. 9. I was too busy feverishly running around my kitchen like a wild woman throwing toys off the counter tops, dishes into the sink, junk piles into random drawers whilst trying not to break a sweat so it … [Read More...]

5 Tips for Taking the Best Holiday Photo Ever

minted holiday photo card

I've been a parent now for about 5 years, 6 months,  and 1 day. I've learned a lot about parenting in those 5 years, 6 months, and 1 day and although I'm not an expert, I can say with authority that one of the more challenging group tasks we face is taking the annual holiday photo. You know, the one we send out to friends and family with three precious, smiling boys implying that all is well and good and pretty and perfect in our little world. And while our little world is most of those things most of the time, taking that one picture..... is hell. Maybe its a boy mom thing and the fact … [Read More...]

How to Clean Pumpkin Seeds (a revelation)

how to clean pumpkin seeds

Warning: I am about to give you a behind the scenes look into my brain. At times (a lot of times) I see something awesome in the world, you know like, electricity, heart surgery, computers, and wine (in no particular order) and I think to myself, "Damn. It's a good thing the world didn't depend on me to create these things." But I am okay with this and just thankful that there are people out there who are smarter than me. I mean, we all know our strengths, right? BUT..... You guys. The other day my husband was carving a pumpkin with our boys and they wanted to save the seeds to roast. … [Read More...]

Un-Crafty Halloween Craft

un-crafty halloween crafts

Confession: I (strongly) dislike crafts. I dislike them so much that I have an un-crafty menu tab in my header bar and haven't added anything to it in, oh say, 6 months or so. When I first started blogging I would do crafts with my kids just so I could blog about them and people would think, "Oh wow, look at her! Doing such cute things with her kids all the time. What a great mom." Yeah. Those feelings lasted a few months before I thought to myself, "Self. You hate crafts. Stop faking it." And then the sun came out, it was warm enough for my kids could do the most glorious thing in the … [Read More...]

Halloween Outfits for Moms (cool ones).

Halloween outfits for moms

Now that you're a mom, you have three choices when it comes to dressing for Halloween (You must now officially retire the sexy nurse costume and donate it to someone who wears a push up bra because they want to. Not because they have to.) Here are your 3 choices:  1. You could wear this....(But don't. Please don't.) 2. Organize a family "theme" costume......(This might be fun, but maybe a bit over the top and would also require some major bartering with your husband in order to get him to agree to such a spectacle. Unless you have something you are willing to give up, steer … [Read More...]

The 10 Stages of Choosing a Halloween Costume for Kids

choosing a halloween costume

Choosing a Halloween costume for kids seems easy, right? WRONG! Stage 1: Realization This stage typically occurs in late August. You know, when CVS begins to display candy corn on all of their end caps. Wonderful. Just wonderful, dearest CVS. You have officially ruined the months of September and October, not to mention the last few days of summer because now we get to entertain the question, "How many more days until Halloween?" for approximately 57 days. Sweet. (No pun intended) Stage 2: Assessment Now that the sugar radar is officially on high alert (no really, thanks again, … [Read More...]

Surviving the Witching Hour

witching hour

The kids were finally asleep and my husband and I fell into the couch with our computers, glass of water, glass of wine and remote control - you know, the usual Tuesday night routine. This is when we typically talk about our days - meaning I give him a run down of every single thing I did with the boys from what they ate, to what they played, to what happened at school etc.... and he listens and nods reliving the day vicariously through my words feeling partially sad he missed it all but mostly happy that I didn't. And then I ask him what he ate for lunch because that is the only part of … [Read More...]

5 Favorites and #MomFailFriday

TGIF y'all. I haven't done one of these posts in a while, but I have some favorites that are just too good not to share so let's just cut to the chase. 1. SHOP My friend Kim who used to write a beautiful blog many of you followed just opened on online shop, Design Life Kids -  "A carefully curated collection of children's fashions, toys, and decor for the modern aesthetic family". Think about the perfect blend of simple and awesome and there you have DesignLifeKids SHOP. I highly urge you to head over and check out what she has to offer. What are some of my favorites, you ask? Ok if you … [Read More...]

Homemade Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

pumpkin granola bars

At one point in my life I would put money on the fact that the words "Why make it when you can  buy it?" came out of my mouth. But with all the buzz in the media about the dangers of preservatives, unpronounceable ingredients, and added sugars (if you haven't watched Katie Couric's FED UP, you should) I'm starting to rethink that phrase. Now I am more on the "Why buy it when you can make it?" team. Yes, it's a bit more time consuming, but at least I know exactly what I am eating and, more importantly, what my kids are eating. I've always tried to buy mostly organic foods, but now I'm also … [Read More...]

Favorite Find: Fabletics


5 Reasons I'm Wearing Yoga Pants Today And Not Doing Yoga: 5. Grocery shopping with a toddler is an olympic sport - I'm just dressing the part. 4. Wrangling and buckling 3 wiggling  bodies into their carseats requires flexibility. I need my pants to move with me. 3. I'll be the first to admit it. My kids don't listen to me. When I tell them not to run down the street, I need to be ready to run after them. 2. I considered wearing jeans, but then I remembered wearing them would have required me to do laundry yesterday and that just didn't happen. 1. I think my new yoga pants are … [Read More...]