Watermelon Jalepeno Cocktail

watermelon jalepeno cocktail

When my husband and I went on our sans-kids trip to Miami, the bartender at one of the restaurants pulled out his own personal stash of watermelon (reserved for special guests,*ahem*.... the couple sitting next to us) and curated a cocktail with a surprising blend of flavors: watermelon and... jalepeno? Apparently we were not so subtle in our interest and he gave us a sample as well. Refreshing on the front end, spicy on the back end. A seriously cool cocktail that needed to be recreated. Sip, smile, then SHARE!!  ;) P.S. Wearing: Gap Chambray (old, but similar here) // Necklace // Shorts (on sale) P.P.S. Wondering about that awesome glass? It's THE best - shatterproof, grip-able and seriously cute.   5.0 from 2 reviews Print Watermelon Jalepeno Cocktail Recipe type: Cocktail Serves: 1 drink   Ingredients 1 cup watermelon cubed juice from half a lime (plus more for garnish) 2 tsp raw sugar a few sprigs of cilantro 1 jalepeno 1-2oz. … [Read More...]

The Best Crab Dip (in the whole wide world)

carb dip pinterest

A hefty claim, I know, to deem this recipe "The best crab dip in the whole wide world", but when it hits the appetizer table, they swarm and it's.......... gone. And between mouthfuls while already scooping another bite all you hear is, "Oh my gosh. This is SO good." No really, that is the only way to describe it. It's one of those special occasion dips (one, because it's a little pricy to make, and two, because it takes a little longer than throwing together a cheese plate), but worth. Every. Penny. My mother-in-law has been making this for years and like all of her famous appetizers (this … [Read More...]

What to Wear 4th of July

what to wear 4th of july

In the next installment of "What Would Abby Wear" she has put together two fun, festive, and fashion-forward outfits for the weekend: What to wear 4th of July! And to be perfectly cliche: How is it already July? Aren't we all asking ourselves that? Whether you are blasting through your list of 99 things to do with your kids this summer or kicking yourself for not signing the troops up for more summer camp, this weekend is all about fun and family (and of course our Independence). Abby's patriotic looks, "causal/chic" and "comfortable/cool", will have you looking camera ready - you know, in the … [Read More...]

Neutral Summer with Stella & Dot (+ a GIVEAWAY!)

neutral summer jewelry stella dot

Wanna know how much time I have in the morning to think about what I'm wearing (if it's not gym clothes) before my kids start "needing things?" About negative 3 seconds. Before my feet touch the floor, it starts. Summer is lovely, but... no. Nevermind. Not going to do it. Not for one second going to complain. It's busy and crazy and hot but it's not winter and I love it. If I happen to be going somewhere other than the pool (swimming pool or carpool, that is) and I need to put on real people clothes, like say for a birthday party or ... well, yeah that's about the extent of my social life, … [Read More...]

Au Natural Summer Makeup with Beautycounter

au natural make up with beauty counter

It's no secret that I am a beauty product junkie. But the more we hear about the scary stuff we are slathering on our skin on a daily basis, the more conscious I've become about the products I use. Lucky for us, brands are catching on and creating products that are junk free - great news for beauty junkies, right? And while I'm not ready to go au natural, I've nailed down my go-to au naturale summer makeup routine with Beautycounter - a beauty and skincare line that has the biggest "NEVER LIST" out there (<--- go ahead and dare ya to click it). They've set a new standard for safety in the … [Read More...]

What Would Abby Wear (WWAW)

one dress two ways

Do you ever stare at your closet and think, "Ugh, I have nothing to wear?" HA. Of course you do. We all do. But when my sister Abby looks at my closet, she sees endless options. And while I'm not giving out her cell so you can text her like I do when I need outfit advice, I am presenting you with this new series to provide ideas and inspiration for all of your styling needs. Abby is a master at using what she already has and creating a "look" and also at taking one piece and wearing it multiple ways. And so that is the theme of today's post. One dress, 2 ways, times two. So yeah, when you do … [Read More...]

Dear Future Daddy….

dear future daddy

Okay, first, I am not pregnant. But I have been three times. And one day I had an idea. A vision. I blame it on years and years of lip syncing Bette Midler to my mom around the kitchen while she made dinner. Yeah. Consider this a little girl's dream come true - because when writer's block strikes, dancing is the only option. And when you can no longer relate to pop music, well, you make your own. Enjoy :) Dear Future Daddy,  Special thanks to Jennie Eisenhower for her amazing vocals, and Leslie Schmidt of Escaped Studios for her incredible videography. To my family - you guys are the … [Read More...]

Father’s Day: 10 Reasons Dads are So Cool.

father's day micro kick board

There's just something about dads that make them so cool. So cool that we feel the need to slow clap and stomp our left foot and chant: "Da-ddy! Da-ddy! Da-ddy!" when our dad walks in the door from work each day. And I have a feeling mommy gets a little irked, you know, since she is the one who made us dinner and everything (sigh), but dads are just SO cool. Wanna know why? 10. They can reach really high things. Things that even mommy can't reach. 9. They like eating those orange peanut butter crackers for breakfast, too. 8. They let us get the bathroom as soaking wet as we want when … [Read More...]



I'm about to complete my first year as a parent of a kid who plays sports, a.k.a. "a biggest fan", and after approximately 3,235 minutes that I've spent on the sideline, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I probably only watched a whopping solid 6  minutes of play. It's not that I don't love sports, nope, I played them my whole life. It's not that I find kindergarten t-ball mind-numbingly boring, nope, it's actually one of the more comical sports out there - and the boys, they have such HEART. The real reason I missed 98% of the season whilst being within 6 feet of every single game is … [Read More...]

Not Your Average One Piece Swimsuit….

one piece swimsuits

We all have our "list". Our insecurities that give us minor little heart palpitations when we think about swimsuit season. A list that we can rattle off like groceries - love handles, arm fat, too busty, boobless, saggy skin, you name it. And it's no wonder especially since our pre-baby bodies have been inflated, deflated, pooched, puckered, streaked  - you name it. And maybe our bikini years are gone - or at least on hold until we have recovered from the postpartum days - (which might be when our kids are in school and we actually have time to work out again), but in my recent trip to Miami … [Read More...]

Fun Summer Wardrobe Updates with Deconstructed Living

summer wardrobe

This post is for all my readers who are local to one of my favorite boutiques in Wayne, Pa - Deconstructed Living. It is a one stop shop for eclectic home decor, vintage jewelry, accessories, skincare, candles, kiddie stuff- and this seriously amazing recycled canvas globe pouf. Seriously I'm dying over it. And as if I needed more reason to stop in, they now have clothing(!!!!). And it's good. So good. Audra, shop owner, invited me in to scope out the goods to share with you all. Not only did I love the "boho chic" concept, but the price point? Hear me out. There is only one thing (if my … [Read More...]