Dinner You Can Make During Dora a.k.a. Sesame Spinach Chicken Salad

sesame spinach chicken salad

One of the best things about summertime is obviously the outdoor play. My kids want to be outside all the time. I swear they wait by the window and if they see a kid, hear a kid, or smell a kid (I swear kids have a 6th sense for each other's presence) they immediately grab their shoes and are off. This is all great and wonderful, but not when its 5pm and I am just about ready to make dinner. Last night I caved and let them go out.  Dinner could wait. While chatting with a neighbor I even convinced myself that I should forgo the recipe I had in mind and keep it simple. I had a rotisserie chicken after all, and could just serve them that, right? Plain chicken. Done and done. By 5:45 I had rounded up the troops and was heading home to give them their very gourmet meal.... but when I walked in the kitchen I spotted the fresh ginger I bought specifically for the dinner I had planned to make. Okay, so my kids would be perfectly happy with plain chicken, but I wanted something better. So I … [Read More...]

25 Things You Might Not Know About Me.


Well, now I've been blogging for about a year and a half and it's gotten to the point where there are a few other people who read my blog besides my mom, my sisters, and a few friends. For the most part, I have no clue who reads my posts except if you "like" or comment or share etc... which of course I always love! It makes me feel like someone else out there gets whatever it is I am saying. But back to my point. In an attempt to humanize this random lady who write a mom-blog, because that is what I might be to some of you, I figured I'd dedicate a post to telling you a little about myself. … [Read More...]

#BagItForward with Champions for Kids & Elmer’s

bag it forward champions for kids

*Disclosure: This post was sponsored by The Motherhood  as part of my participation in the #BagItForward Campaign. All opinions expressed are my own.  Last week I crossed a few items off our summer bucket list: attend an outdoor concert, stay in pajamas and let the kids just play at home, and hold a lemonade stand. But it wasn't your typical lemonade stand. It was a simple service project that I could do with my kids.  Champions for Kids, a non-profit that encourages families to do simple service projects for kids, has partnered with Elmer's for a #BagItForward campaign. They are … [Read More...]

Nordstrom Anniversary SALE Picks! {Babies, Boys, Girls, and Men!)

Here we go with Part 2 of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! (If you missed Part 1 for women you can check that out HERE). I scoured each section for baby, boys, girls and men.......no, literally scoured. Like if I never have to look at a clothing website again, I might be okay with that. But enough with the chit chat... let's get to the goods! (The images may take a minute to load, but hopefully worth the wait!) This post contains affiliate links. If you make purchases through my site I will received a small commission and might be able to by the other half of these shoes I've been eyeing up. … [Read More...]

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks for Women

Ok so the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is in FULL SWING! I avoided it for days because of its overwhelmingness. Yesterday I got over my issue and took a peek. Yep. Overwhelming. The price reductions are pretty sweet, but the selection of items is even sweeter. So I did whatever I do when I feel overwhelmed and I called my mom. She asked me to make a list of things I liked/needed/wanted/had-to-have-but-didn't-really-need-but-really-want..... and I couldn't do it. TOO MANY OPTIONS people. So then, I reached out to my peoples. My favorite fashion peoples: Abby and Kaytlynn - the very official … [Read More...]

Strider Sport Balance Bike GIVEAWAY!

  Welcome to the Strider Sport Balance Bike Giveaway! Hosted by: Momma Lew Co-Hosted by: A Life In Balance Do you have a child who is struggling to learn to ride a bike? Did you know that a Strider Sport Balance Bike can help a child as young as 18 months learn to ride a two-wheeler? You can read Momma Lew's review here to find out all about this great bike to help your child gain the balance and confidence they need! One lucky reader is going to win their own Strider Balance Bike (ARV: $119) in the color of their choice! To enter, follow the steps in the giveaway form below. … [Read More...]

10 Things To Expect as the Youngest Sibling

youngest sibling

10. Your white noise machine will run 24/7 because you will be so immune to hearing hooting, hollering, screaming and yelling that silence will totally freak you out. 9. You'll  learn to feed yourself your own bottle at an early age because your mom will have "her hands full"...... But, don't worry, she won't rush you into giving it up so fast. Your mom will realize that if you're happy, she shouldn't mess with a good thing. She knows you won't go to college with the bottle. She'll have other bottles to worry about then. 8. Your interactive books will probably look like this: ... but … [Read More...]

A Short(s) Story.

pull on shorts

If you can't beat em, join em. Right? My children refuse to wear shorts with buttons. No, my kids will never dress like this: Unless I pay them in ice cream. Its. never. gonna. happen. So I decided to see what all the fuss was about. Why wear shorts with buttons when you can wear shorts without them?.............. You guys. My kids were right. I'm not sure I can ever go back. It's like wearing air! And while the ones they make for my boys are, well, just gym shorts, they actually make cute pull-on shorts for women and you feel like you are wearing gym shorts but you're really not and … [Read More...]

It’s Not Always Pretty….


I'm going to let you in on a little secret. A secret I am sure we all share. Heck, it's not technically probably not even a secret, but more of something the smiling, happy, doting, pictures our Facebook feeds seemingly conceal. In fact, it's a common topic of conversation at playdates among moms. A sentiment that we, at times, want to scream from the rooftops: "MY KIDS ARE DRIVING ME INSANE!!!!!!" So this isn't going to be one of those blog post where I stress about the hardships of being a mom and then end it with, "Oh, but we really love our kids" type of post. No. No it is not. It is … [Read More...]

Give One Piece a Chance

one piece bathing suits

Give One Piece a Chance I’m not really destined for a life of aquatics – I have a hard time accepting the fact that people apparently use the ocean as if it’s one big public restroom, I can’t exactly get over the instinct that everything that brushes my calf in the murky Jersey shore is a giant squid ready to take my life (have you ever thought about how gross squids are? Now you’re thinking about it. Sorry.) I have commitment issues that transpose themselves into little sand particles that will not leave me the heck alone from the second they touch my wet toes (how does so much sand make … [Read More...]

New Mom and Baby Essentials


Apparently once you have a baby you become deemed an "expert" in the baby/mommy world. Pregnant moms-to-be (and their friends who want to buy them a nice gift) come flocking to ask "the" question. The  single, very important question: "Help! What do I need to survive". Well the short answer is is simple. You need to relax because you really don't need anything. Babies in third world countries survive without swings with bells and lights that vibrate and do figure 8's to lull them to sleep.. and please don't get me started on the wipe warmers. There are, however, a few things that I deem … [Read More...]