I’ll NEVER Be That Parent

that parent

....who has a kid that dumps out all the salt and pepper at a restaurant. ....who can only make dinner if her kids are watching tv. ... who uses television to silence her children so she can talk on the phone. ...who hand-spoons dinner into her 3 year old's mouth while he zones out watching tv. God no. I'll never be that parent..... ...who lets her child double fist lollipops in the grocery store just to get through in one piece. ... who gives her 1 year old child chewing gum. Seriously, who does that? ...who lets her kid eat yogurt. With his HANDS! ...who feels such immense feelings of anger toward her child over a spilled drink. ...who gives birth to a biter, a hitter, a kicker or even worse.... a liar! I will never be that parent.... .... who makes boxed mac and cheese THREE. Days. In. A. Row! ....who skips baths because she is too tired. ....who skips pages in books because they are too long. .... who FREAKS out on her kid like a tantruming … [Read More...]

The Best Black Bean Avocado Dip


I'm not sure why I've been holding this recipe out on you guys for almost 2 years now. Maybe part of me wanted to keep it a secret? But I've realized that I can't do that to you guys because this dip is that good. I have the recipe for the best black bean avocado dip and I can almost guarantee it will become your go-to appetizer once you try it. Since the big game day is around the corner, I thought this would be a perfect time to post it so you can go out and buy your avocados now so they are perfectly ripe in time for Sunday. Ok so a little background on this coveted recipe -  my … [Read More...]

Sorry, no blog post today….


Why? You ask? Oh, you know, because my son is in that phase. You know the phase where he counts to 100 over and over again and settles for nothing less than my undivided attention, eye contact, affirmations in the form of head knods and cheerleader-esque GOOD JOB(!!!)'s after each number.... oh, and perfection - meaning he starts over after every mess up. Yeah. So that's where we're at today. If you were looking for the weekly meal plan, apologies. You can check out my friend's menu at O'Boy Organic instead. Meanwhile, we are hovering around firty-five. For more fun on "free" year … [Read More...]

What Every Mom Wants Really Wants

young learners at young sports

Every Mom wants.... 10. A laundry fairy. 9. Her kids to sleep an hour later. 8. Coffee that stays eternally hot. 7. Her 22 year old body back. 6. A car without scary things growing in the crevices. 5. A husband who doesn't ask, "What the heck did you buy at Target?"...... (Diapers, obviously. A lot of them. Back off!) 4. A Pinterest Fairy....you know, a person who actually does all the stuff you pin. Or better yet, for Pinterest to just disappear. 3. For boxed mac and cheese and frozen chicken fingers to be healthy, organic, and socially acceptable. 2. Self-potty … [Read More...]

How to Style Bookshelves

how to style bookshelves

You guys, remember this post? Yeah, amazing, right? Well Phoebe had her little baby girl (congrats!!!) and now she already back in action beautifying homes and inspiring design-inept people like myself! I am slightly embarrassed by the before picture (ok more than slightly).... but Phoebe came to the rescue and now I walk into this room that you are about to see and all I can think is "Ahh....!" Just wait. You'll see. Here is Phoebe from PS & Daughters in her first contributing post giving us some great tips on how to style bookshelves! How to Style Bookshelves A New Year always inspires … [Read More...]

Things I Didn’t Know About Boys Until I Had a Son

things i didn't know about boys

At some point in his early life, there is a strong likelihood that his mother put a bow in his hair.... you know, just to see what he would look like if he were a girl. He probably ripped it out, shook his head wildly, and that mom laughed and thought to herself, "He makes a cute girl, but I wouldn't have it any other way." A dollhouse is just as exciting to a boy as it is to a girl.... and so is a Barbie, but reasons regarding the intrigue for the latter are questionable..... The obsession with their "thing-a-ling" starts at a very young age. Comparing sizes of their "thing-a-ling" … [Read More...]

Quickie Meals – A weekly plan.

quickie meals

I can already tell that I am going to be happy I planned some quickie meals for this upcoming week. I'm feeling two steps behind and am already a day late with this post... sorry! Try some out or pin the image below for those weeks when you're feeling overwhelmed, grasping for air, and the last thing you feel like dealing with is dinner. It's okay. That's me every night too. Cooking Classy's Chicken Tortellini Soup - It's not cheating by using rotisserie chicken, people. It's genius. Want to make this even more time-saving, take Making Lemonade's advice and buy pre-cut … [Read More...]

These are the days.

these are the days

Last month my husband spent a day working from home.... and we all know how that goes... "Is he working?", "Is he not working?", "Can I ask him to help with the kids?", "How quiet do we have to be?", "Can I run to the grocery store ALONE while the kids are napping?".... all questions that we are pretty uncertain of as we attempt to go about our day as normally as possible pretending that he isn't really there. Until, that is, he asks, "What's for lunch?",  but I digress. And at the end of the day when he officially emerged from his office indicating that his work day was complete, he bestowed … [Read More...]

Water Safety Tips for Infants and Babies {Guest Post}

water safety tips for infants and babies

The following is a guest post by another local, green-living lifestyle blogger, Kaitlin, from An Apple Per Day. She is here to share some useful water safety tips for infants and babies......And winter is a great time to sign up for some lessons before summer days at the pool are upon us!  Water Safety Tips for Infants and Babies I want my children to enjoy being around the water. Since the water has inherent risks, I also want my kids to learn water safety. When we started a family, I made it a priority to get my kids oriented to the water, and I didn’t wait until they were older. I thought … [Read More...]

Top 10 Parenting Tasks that are a Complete Waste of Time

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 7.08.27 PM

10. Laundry. Actually, you should do laundry because kids are gross and it would be even grosser (more gross?) if you didn't wash the disgusting things that find their way onto to their clothing. But folding their laundry is a complete waste of time. Because when you are rushing out the door and they are still looking for that one shirt, that one shirt that you should have bought 10 of because it's one of three things they actually wear, you will end up doing this. Every. Day. 9. Dressing them in nice clothes. Two reasons you shouldn't do this: 1) They will despise you for … [Read More...]

Weekly Meal Plan

mini cheesesteaks

This week's weekly meal plan is a mix of go to favorites and a few recipes that looked too good not to try. As always, I try to find recipes that are easy, healthy, and family friendly. The mini cheesesteaks are insanely good. And it's all in the roll so if you have a Trader Joe's near you, you need to buy the half baked rolls. To be honest, I can't remember if they are called "ciabatta" or "artisan", but they are pictured below so just buy the ones that look like that! Happy eating! Monday: Lemon Fusili with Arugula Tuesday: Pepperless Stuffed Peppers Wednesday: Mini Cheesesteaks … [Read More...]