How to Wear High Waist Jeans

how to wear high waisted flares

OK. I get it. You probably hear "high waist" and immediately think this: Mom jeans, right? So let's just all watch this, and then erase it from your memory because the modern high waisted jeans are anything but mom-ish. Not that there is anything wrong with moms. Or their jeans. I'm just flabbergasted by how they got their butts to look so, uhhh, long? Now let's turn our attention to the high waisted jeans of today. These, my friends, have got it all right. They keep everything contained, accentuate the waist, and plumber cracks are no longer a concern.... do I need to go on? High waist flares are a truly flattering jean and a might I say, a breathe of fresh air after the era of the skinny jean - she quite possibly over stayed her welcome, no? So here is the story behind these jeans. I was in Anthroplogie in Center City with my husband and without my kids. Let's call it a date. Don't all dates warrant a little once-over in your favorite store sans kid? You almost just … [Read More...]

6 Ways to Love your House Before you List It


A few years ago we bought a house that was in pretty bad shape. Everything about it was wrong. No really, my mom cried when we told her we were buying it. So what was the appeal? The location. In the area we live, the public schools are top notch, there are tons of  young families in the particular neighborhood we liked, plus it's central to all the local hotspots. My husband convinced me to think of the house as four walls that we could transform into the home of our dreams. Despite the size, I started to envision the potential. Did I want a bigger house with a bigger yard? At the time, yes. … [Read More...]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

mother's day gift ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 1. Ceramic Macroni Necklace: An adorable upgrade from your preschool project. 2. Sambaya Vases: One more excuse to surprise her with fresh flowers every so often. 3. Moroccan Wedding Throw: The perfect combination of comfort and style. 4. Jewelry storage box: Some stuff is just too pretty be tucked away in jewelry boxes. 5. Personalized picnic blanket: A reminder to schedule more family dates now that the weather is warming up. 6. Reading pillow: A little support for those nights she’s up in bed lost in a book. 7. Custom rolling pin: Let the good … [Read More...]

A Mother’s Day Reminder

micro kickboard

Here is short list of things I am really, really ridiculously behind on right now that I should have done this weekend: 10. Clean the dishes that have been sitting in the sink since last night. 9. Fill out the my May and June calendar in my planner (because apparently the planner in my  head is not as reliable as I once thought). There's.....just.....too.......much. 8. Plan meals for the week. which reminds me.... 7. When is the last time I've cleaned out the pantry? 6. Fill out milestones in the baby books. Mental note: buy a baby book for the "baby" who just turned 2. 5. … [Read More...]

Making the Magic Happen – A Bedroom Makeover

bedroom decor

Why is our bedroom, the "master bedroom", the last place we decorate in our homes? What is supposed to be a tranquil, peaceful haven is typically a mish-mash of hand-me-down furniture, piles of laundry, and the storage destination for everything that doesn't have a spot. "Oh, no one wants grandma's old night stand? Must be antique! Send it my way!......Oh, you have an extra 8x10 rug? Hmmm let's see, yeah, tan should work - neutral is always in, right? We'll take it." Sound familiar? And don't get me started on the furniture in our bed room. I think we have a chair that is khaki, but it's … [Read More...]

Soft Beach Waves – a few Do’s and Don’ts

wavy hair tutorial

Ok, I'm pretty sure we all agree that 99% of life is better when it's warm outside.  The 1% that's not is the first, oh say, hour of the first snow fall. And now that it's finally above freezing, I have one more thing to add to my list of why life is better when it's warm out. And margarita season has nothing to do with it. I promise. It's all about the hair and the fact that I am able to walk outside with a wet head and not fear that my strands will freeze and break off. My 5 minute make up routine is now suddenly rivaled by my 2 minute hair routine. Blow dryers be gone, it's time to go au … [Read More...]

Long Live Sunday Dinners and #FightHungerTogether


Every Sunday my rather large family gathers at a family member's house for what we refer to as "Sunday Dinner". There is an abundance of everything.... children (9 to be exact), rough housing injuries (typically a minimum of 3), dancing (think Taylor Swift on repeat), sports viewing (golf season is oh-so thrilling....), wine (necessary), and of course, food. From hearty appetizers to gourmet entrees, there is never a shortage of food. Sunday dinners are an amazing tradition that my children are lucky to experience on a weekly basis. Whether it's T-Swift or Jordan Speith that entertains us, … [Read More...]

You Need to Snuggle Your Kids For Hours at Night! (and other things social media makes us feel guilty about)

social media guilt

Social media has it's perks (it can help spread awareness, save lives, and even enables you to know what your 6th grade lab partner who lives 3,000 miles away had for lunch - just to name a few). But it also has a sneaky little way of inducing guilt upon mothers due to the constant state of comparison. You can see who is making what craft with their kids and who is taking their kids to what special places, all while you sit at your computer checking status updates on Facebook. You really should get on the ball, right? Your kids are watching TV while the highlight reel of everyone else’s daily … [Read More...]

Spring Mom Uniform Edit

mom uniform edit

Ok not to jinx the forecast, but I am thinking we might be in the clear. Like I can banish my Uggs to the attic type of clear. Now it is officially time to break out the spring mom uniform. a.k.a this: My "girlfriend jeans", white tee, and flips. It's THE official spring mom uniform in my book. Comfy. Easy. But, cute? Eh. Mediocre at best. In an attempt to salvage the mom uniform, I'm doing three things to make it look a teeny little bit more styled. (And I'm doing this without the help of Abby and Kaytlynn so take it for what it's worth.) Okay. Step 1: The Tuck Yep. … [Read More...]

April Showers bring……..Spring Jackets(!!!)

spring statement coats

I realized a few years ago how drastically the weather impacts my mood, but it wasn’t until more recently that I came to understand this is the case because the weather entirely controls what I wear. Why would I wake up fifteen minutes early to do my hair if it’s raining? The promise of a good hair day (and the opportunity to wear suede shoes) dies with the first drop of water from the sky. And when it’s cold – am I really focused on looking half decent when it’s cold? My only goal in winter is to cover as much skin as possible still maintaining my ability to breath and see (smell is … [Read More...]

The Numbers of Motherhood


I spent 25 minutes folding the laundry, Answered 24 “But why?” questions in our 3 year old’s quandary. Picked up 23 legos that spilled from the bin, Planted 22 kisses on cheeks, nose and chin. Threw 21 pitches, but got only one hit, The 20 other times, I dealt with a fit. I sang 19 verses of Wheels on the Bus, “Where do babies come from?” I was asked to discuss. I said “No” to each kid on 18 occasions, 17 times I surrendered to persuasions. We used 16 pillows to make a fort, We shot 15 hoops on the basketball court. It took 14 whole seconds for the kids to find … [Read More...]