Defining Mom Moments

mom moments

Sometimes I don't feel like a mom. You know, like a quintessential "mom". Close your eyes for a moment and what is the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word "mom"? I can't exactly pinpoint my image, but I can tell you right now that it isn't an image of myself. I picture a mush mash of mini vans, high-waisted light washed jeans, neat stacks of laundry, the smell of meatloaf, and the sound of Raffi streaming (or screaming) from the car radio. Is that me? I don't think so. I mean, do I even look like a mom? Sometimes I wonder if random people I don't know, like the person scanning my groceries, can tell if I am a mom? Well, despite the 10 jars of babyfood and 4 boxes of mac and cheese making their way down the moving belt- hey, maybe I'm doing a cleanse and have a husband with cheap taste? They totally don't think I look like a mom. They would be shocked if I told them I had 3 kids, right? It's as if becoming a mom signifies a sense of maturity (a look and a … [Read More...]

Your Guide to Hostess Gifts

hostess gifts

The first time I met my (now) husband’s parents I was still in college, waitressing and interning and barely paying rent for my Center City digs. I spent about two weeks’ worth of internship money on what I deemed the perfect “meet the parents” outfit – something that says “Hi, I’m a nice girl, I’m casual and not high-maintenance but I dress very appropriately and you could easily see me potentially being included in family photos one day… not that I’m rushing things.” Read as: Lilac J. Crew dress shorts, a white linen button-down and seersucker espadrilles. And a blowout. Broke but now … [Read More...]

Weekend Update

young learners

Hi you guys. Happy spring break, right? Hope some of you are on a super fun vacation in a ridiculously warm place, drinking island drinks out of coconuts while your kids bury your feet in the sand. Anyone? Anyone? Ok anyone else like me and stuck at home alllllll week with allllllll of the kids? Spring freaking break. Woo hoo! I have no clue what we will be doing all week. I suppose I could do one or 79 of these suggested spring break activities, or I could just pray really, really hard that it gets warmer and let my kids play outside. That would be nice. Mother Nature, are you listening? … [Read More...]

Buyer’s Picks for the Spring Wardrobe (on a budget)


This next post is courtesy of my sister, Abby, who has one of those super sexy jobs. You know, the type where you can wear ripped jeans to work and bring your dog to the office. Yeah, I know........ She works on the buying team at Anthropologie (is my obsession with the store starting to make more sense?) Thought so. Anyway, Abby has curated a list for you guys that you are probably going to want to bookmark. While these picks are for "spring" they will stand the test of time. Translation: they are classic, lasting trends. Oh, and they are all under $100. The Buyer's top 10 Picks for the … [Read More...]

Home “facelifts” for Spring

kitchen renovation

Is it just me or do warmer temps cause you to start doing at least one of the following things: 1. Decluttering everything in sight. 2. Dreaming about margaritas. 3. Being a nicer person in general. 4. Thinking about getting a facelift. For your home. Not your face. I mean you can do it to your face if you want, but I'm talking about giving your home a little "work". All of the above? Me too. Don't worry guys. It's normal. It's  allll normal. Spring is a a time for blooming, and whether it be your general demeanor, your face, or your kitchen, I say go for it. Life is too … [Read More...]

11 Instant Mood Boosters

girlfriend jeans

There is nothing earth shattering here, my friends, but sometimes it just helps to hear someone else say it. The 10 day forecast in beautiful Pennsylvania is comparable to sitting through an episode of Caillou. Pretty painful. It's the potential for warmer temps that makes this time of year so difficult. I mean 40 is better than 20, but a few days of 65 would be oh so nice. We are so close, yet so far.....To help us get through these last few days (hopefully days and not weeks) of winter temps, I've compiled a list of 11 instant mood boosters to get us to spring! 1. Wear yellow. Why? … [Read More...]

Kid-Friendly Real Food Recipes

kid friendly real food recipes

Sometimes you just have to stick with what works, right? Adding something new into the dinner routine is refreshing for me, but when it comes to my kids, sometimes I just want to feed them something that is a sure thing. Or a variation of a sure thing. Do you see where I am going with this? Basically I am trying to avoid this. And while frozen chicken fingers and mac and cheese are the epitome of a sure thing, I'm not willing to go there night after night. So, I've rounded up some of my favorite kid-friendly real food recipes that make our family a happier one. Happy dinners = happy life, … [Read More...]

The Inner Monologues of Motherhood – The Car Edition

baby sleeping

We've all been there. Driving home from a morning outing, minding your own business, unabashadly mouthing every lyric to the latest Taylor Swift song on the radio, and happens. A unexpected moment of quiet in the back seat. With a hasty glance in the rearview mirror you realize that it is, indeed, happening. The eyelids of your toddler fall once, then twice and then you start to panic. OH HELLO BACK THERE!! WAKE UP! DON'T FALL ASLEEP! OLD MCDONALD HAD A FARM EE I EEE I OOOOOooooOOOOOOOoooooOOO! No reaction. His eyes are glazed over followed by another slow blink. HONEY! I HAVE A … [Read More...]

Spring Fashion Trends Part II

Ok you guys, here is Part II of Kaytlynn's spring fashion trend mini series! If you missed Part I be sure to check that out too. Here are 3 more spring trends to add to your wardrobe this year.... Spring Fashion Trends: Flat Sandals: Nothing out of the ordinary but hey, they’re on my wish list and I’m all about honesty here on Sisters to Sons. Also, gladiators are still in (the higher the better) and if you’re not exactly pedicure ready just yet then invest in a solid pair of clogs until it’s time to let your toes run free. Zara Crossover Leather Sandals // Free People Tessa … [Read More...]

Spring Fashion Trends Part I – Culottes, Fringe, and Wide Legs oh my!

spring trends

You guys! Kaytlynn has rounded up the hottest spring fashion trends and is sharing some of her favorite finds in a two part series. I got so excited when she sent me the post that I sprinted to Anthro to try some of these on for you all (pictures included). Happy spring to all and after this winter I think we all deserve to add a few fun pieces to our wardrobe. At least that is what I am telling my husband  myself.. oh wait, maybe it should be the other word crossed off? Ok enough of me. Let's see what spring fashion trends Kaytlynn has lined up! When I was in seventh grade butterfly … [Read More...]

Kid-Friendly Salmon Cakes and Weekly Meal Plan

salmon cakes

If there is one dish I can say I've never thought about making, it would be salmon. It's not my favorite. Plain and simple. BUT - there is always a but - my sister swears by this recipe and boasts that not only is it good, but her kids love it. Kid-friendly salmon cakes? Are you serious? Apparently so. She emailed me the recipe with this side note for you all: All my kids eat these (I have four kids!) and they always ask for more than one cake so if your kids can eat you may want to double the recipe.  I typically have one kid that complains when I put dinner in front of them, but this recipe … [Read More...]