How Do You Make Money Blogging?

how to make money blogging

I get asked this question a lot, so I am just going to lay it out there for ya. The convo goes something like this: "Oh, hey Lindsey! How are you?" "Great! You know....busy, busy!" "I love your blog by the way!" "Oh thanks! Appreciate that. Thanks for reading!" (awkward pause) "So like, do you just do it for fun or do you make money blogging?" I get asked this question at least once per week and as my readers, I thought you should know the answer to this question. The short answer: YES! Can my husband quit his job and rely on me to support our family with my random ramblings about parenting, food, fashion etc?: Hell no! I started this blog with no intention of making money whatsoever. As a stay-at-home mom, I need a creative outlet and one day started writing. And then one day my technologically-illiterate self accidentally published a post to Facebook. And people "liked" it and asked if it was really me who wrote it? And that gave me a warm-fuzzy … [Read More...]

Salute Your Socks with Sandals

free people birkenstocks and socks

Would you ever consider wearing socks with sandals this fall? I’ll give you a minute to decompress. I know right now you’re all, “What!! Fashion is so stupid, why would I ever wear socks with sandals? That’s so asinine. Socks with sandals have been the trademark of dorky dads for years!” Or maybe you weren’t quite that dramatic and your reaction was more along the lines of, “This girl is crazy, I’m done reading.” To which I say, “NO! Don’t punish Lindsey just because I want to push my heinous fashion views on you, it’s not her fault!” Take a deep breath, relax your forehead … [Read More...]

10 Things You Can’t Do with a Toddler


My toddler is into everything. No really. Everything. Did you see that video I posted on YouTube? I mean, I can't babyproof my house enough for this kid. There is nothing that he can't find, get to, and destroy. So just incase it slips my mind, I've written a list of 10 things I can't do with a toddler, my toddler, specifically, but I think its safe to assume this applies to most toddlers as well and therefore I'm sharing it with you. 10 Things You Can't Do with a Toddler: 10. Serve hors d'oeuvres.  I mean, technically you can serve hors d'oeuvres.....if you are into eating mutilated … [Read More...]

Smile Brilliant Custom Teeth Whitening Trays {Giveaway!!}

smile brilliant teeth whitening

There comes a time as a mom where you look in the mirror and come to understand why you are no longer referred to as "miss" by perfect strangers. No.... Those days are gone and now you are known as "ma'am". Really? Does it have to roll off your tongue so easily? No hesitation? "Thank you, Ma'am." "Excuse me, Ma'am." "Have a nice day, Ma'am". Wait a minute, does all this ma'am-ing means I don't look like a 23 year old anymore? Are you suuure you don't want to to ask for my ID? To be honest, I'm okay with all of this. If anyone would like to take my three children for one … [Read More...]

Back-to-School Dinner Recipe Round-Up

weeknight recipes

Not that having my kids back in school means anything for me in terms of dinner prep.... in fact there is likely no difference. It was hard in the summer and its going to be hard once they are back in school. But I like to think of September as a new beginning. A time when I take my somewhat unstructured life and give it a little help. A plan, we'll call it.......A dinner plan. To kickstart this new me, I consulted with some of my favorite Philadelphia area bloggers and they've each given me one of their go-to, easy, healthy, family-friendly recipes and, yep, I'm going to share them with … [Read More...]

This just in…..


Ok, everybody. Stop the music. (<---- that is what my grandfather used to say when something really important was about to happen, you know, like when one of my sisters was about to do a one-handed cartwheel and everyone needed to stop in their tracks, silence their mouths and give 100% undivided attention.) Well, this is almost as amazing as a one-handed cartwheel so I feel compelled to share it with you. What if I told you that you could buy designer/boutique children's clothing (like think Neiman Marcus children's department) and everything would be under $25? You'd be all over that, … [Read More...]

Best Summer Ever.


What is it about this time of year that puts your stomach in knots? Like a test that your not quite ready to take yet. You know your stuff and you could take it, but you really just want a little more time. Labor Day Weekend sort of sneaks up on you like that and you have no choice but to show up and take it. You need to fire up the grill one last time with a Corona in your hand, let the kids run freely outside barefoot and bare-backed, light tiki torches, swat at mosquitoes, and take it for what it is... the last weekend of summer, pit in your stomach and all. But as a mom, a … [Read More...]

Blue Jean Dreams with Madewell #DENIMMADEWELL {guest post}

madewell denim

There is this secret that I don’t think anyone was talking about until recently (at least, they weren’t talking about it with me) and it is that Madewell has the best jeans ever. There I told you, and you don’t even have to keep your lips sealed on this one. I’ve always felt super intimidated going into nice denim stores (for us in Philadelphia, it’s Charlie’s Jeans). The saleswoman insistently wants to work directly with you which is nice, but seeing as though there is likely no one else shopping for $200 jeans at the same time as you, it’s also kind of burdensome. I don’t want to be … [Read More...]

Rambling Thoughts of a First-time Kindergarten Mom

first time kindergarten mom

All summer long I’ve been anticipating this post. What will I say? How will I feel? And now the time is here… time for my first baby to go to kindergarten and I sit here and I’m not sure what to say and I don’t really know how I feel. I'm a first-time kindergarten mom and I'm sure what I'm supposed to think. I mean, I could write about the ladies in the supermarket and how they were right all along -  that it goes by so fast. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital? The days when I agonized over if he was getting enough to eat during feedings. The days when I … [Read More...]

Focus Fitness Main Line {Review + Giveaway}

focus fitness mainline

I'm not sure about all of you, but I don't belong to a gym. Pre-kids I was gym rat - 5:30am, 3-4 days per week before work, I was there. Now that I have three kids, that lifestyle is a distant memory. Like really distant... how and why did I manage to wake up so early? I will never know. These days my workouts consist of a once or twice weekly run before my husband is off to work, chasing my kids around the playground, and I am pretty sure loading and unloading my double BOB stroller in and out of my trunk and/or holding my 30lb 1 year old while climbing stairs, making dinner, and bending … [Read More...]

The 7 Moms You’ll Meet at Mommy and Me Class


Thinking about signing up for a Mommy and Me Class this fall? Here are some of the moms you are likely to meet. At some point or another I've been all of these moms........well, most of them. 1. The Nervous Nelly - This mom doesn't let her kid get more than 2 paces away from her. You might start a conversation with her but then she is off...waddling behind her child, hands cupping her child's bum like a human safety net. As she scanters off you notice she is really in shape.... then you realize that if you, too, mimicked every step your toddler took each day, you'd be pretty trim as … [Read More...]