10 Ways to Avoid Being That Annoying Parent

ways to avoid being that annoying parent at school

 I taught 4th and 5th grade for seven years before deciding to stay home with my kids. For the most part, the parents were fine (emphasis on "for the most part"). Now that I have a child in elementary school, I have the potential to be that parent. The annoying one. The one the teachers talk about in the lunch room. In fact, the potential is there for all of us. Unbeknownst to many, there are rules of etiquette for parents of students - rules for how to be a good class parent. And these rules were once unwritten, floating around in the minds of teachers, until now.... 10. Just stop. Stop texting your friends asking them about the teacher your kid was just assigned to. Before you form your opinion of how "great" or "awful" or "mean" your child's teacher is based on Suzie's mom's opinion who had her three years ago, give your teacher a chance and form your own thoughts. 9. Respect office hours. Teachers know how pressing it may be to discuss the needs and/or concerns regarding your … [Read More...]

Girl, Get Your Act Together.

planners for moms

The title is a phrase I found myself repeating over and over last year, well, more like "get your shit together" but I was afraid google wouldn't think that was very searchable. Regardless, it was a phrase that spun through my head quite often, you know, at times when I forgot a practice or a birthday party or a CLASSROOM EVENT WHERE ALL THE PARENTS COME IN (!!!!) and for reasons unbeknownst to me - I simply forgot. Never in my life have I had problems remembering things (or being late to things for that matter), but now with kids and one kid that is in "real school" and sports and playdates … [Read More...]

Fall Mom Uniform – Shake Your Shirttail Feather.

fall mom uniform shirttail

Yeah, yeah, yeah...lame-o connection with the tail feather song, but once upon a time I danced to that song at a frat party and probably felt all young a cool and this post is all about regaining those youthful, playful feelings. Maybe not dancing on a bar (I swear I never really did that), but maybe today's equivalent would be jamming out to Disney radio in your kitchen with a litter of children around you clapping their hands and thinking, "Wow. My mom is so awesome." Can an outfit do that for you? I'm willing to bet that it can. So here is how you can shake your SHIRT-tail feather, mom … [Read More...]

One of those days.

terrible horrible no good very bad day

I fell asleep with the baby last night and now my shirt is soaked with pee because his diaper leaked and when I stumbled out of his bed to get new sheets I slipped on a toy car and yelped which woke up the other kids and I could tell it was going to be one of those days. At breakfast I made pancakes with strawberries but that was the WRONG choice. They wanted cereal with no strawberries. Just marshmallows. One with a little milk, one with a lot of milk, and one with no milk and one with fork not a spoon. In the car on the way to camp they were all screaming at each other and poking and … [Read More...]

3 Philadelphia Area Places You Need to Visit this Summer

places to visit in philadelphia

Hi guys. I'm still here. It's been a busy summer and apparently my kids are wearing me out because when I finally have the time to blog (like at 9pm), I'm exhausted. And despite all the fighting, whining, wrestling, screaming, crying, scrapes, cuts, bruises, spills, messes, and wildebeest behavior that is the theme of my children this summer, we have had some really, really fun excursions. And by fun I mean fun for the kids AND the adults. No amusement parks with long lines and scary characters that will have you running for the nearest bar upon exiting (no thank you sir, readmission handstamp … [Read More...]

Kid and Baby Essentials

Hi guys. Me again. Posting yet another round up of finds from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I am currently in the midst of a really long car ride with my family and somehow scanning through pages of merchandise is helping to drown out the cries of my 2 year old who has been screaming his head off for what seems like the past 197 minutes. He was well fed, freshly diapered (because we made that mistake yesterday), all cued up for his nap, and 30 minutes into his slumber, he decided to make this ride interesting yet again. And now he wants to hold my hand, which is cute and all, but the … [Read More...]

Home Refresher at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I don't know about you, but I'm at that point in my life where I've been married for almost 9ish years and so that means it's been about 9ish years since I've bought anything for my home because, well, how amazing are wedding presents, right? Besides replacing a broken wine glass here and there I've focused my home spending on things like baby gear, storage bins (because omg all the stuff!!), and light bulbs (because, you know.... monsters!). And while perusing through the home section of the NSale, I realized, that hey, they have some pretty awesome things that aren't baby gear, or storage … [Read More...]

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Party

nordstrom anniversary sale

Okay. Party might be pushing it, but 2 hours among heaps of clothing sans kids and with your mom - these days, that's a party for me! I decided this year that I would do a little leg work for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and test out some of these clothes that caught my eye. I went today, the last day of the pre-sale, and a lot of sizes are picked over, but pretty much everything is still in stock online. Personally I like online shopping better because it's easier to "see" everything.....aaaaand plus I love getting mail ;) In case you missed this post with some of Abby and Kaytlynn's (and … [Read More...]

How to Style a Shift Dress

how to style a shift dress

In this edition of WWAW (What Would Abby Wear) she teaches us how to style a shift dress..... AND how to get the most bang for your buck by wearing one dress several ways. A shift dress if the perfect canvas to show off your accessories. Take it from the ladies below to paint yourself into the picture of CHIC. The shift dress is a basic silhouette, but such a versatile piece. Think of it as a blank canvas and let your accessories do the talking. Here are some fun ways to dress up OR down the basic shift dress. Oh, and you guys, the image below is clickable so if you see something you … [Read More...]

Dear Kids in My Shopping Cart…

kid in shopping cart

Dear Kids in My Shopping Cart, You know how much I love running errands with you. The grocery store, the mall, the post office, and especially the dry cleaners (when I get to unbuckle you, carry you across the parking lot, pay, then carry you and a huge heap of clothing back across the parking lot, try to find my keys with my one free finger, inevitably drop the clothes on the ground so I can hoist you back into your seat and rebuckle you). It's just a solidly fun 3 minute time span in my life. I see lots of errand running, together (insert dreamy smile), in our near future. So I thought … [Read More...]

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Women’s Picks!

It's that time of year (cue drum roll).........the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! In case you are wondering why people go nuts over this sale let me break it down for ya. This is not your average "we are trying to clear our inventory sale". It is new merchandise for fall at a discounted price. When the sale ends, the prices go back up. Basically, this is your perfect opportunity to get fall staples for less - think booties, cozy sweaters, jackets. They also have a ton of basics (including bras/underwear), makeup, beauty tools etc... at prices that just don't get any better. Or maybe you are in … [Read More...]