5 Kids and A Dressing Room – Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

nordstrom half yearly sale

If you aren't still putting off (and no judgment if you are) the dreaded changing of your kid's drawers from winter clothes to summer, you've probably realized... Crap! Nothing fits from last year. Baffles me every time. Yeah. I tried to squeeze my 6 year old into size 4 shorts for Easter and even my (rather oblivious) husband noticed that they weren't working for us anymore. I'm of the mentality that I can't (and won't) spend a million dollars on my kids clothes because, well, if you have kids then you know why. They ruin everything and they grow. so. fast. But as my kids have gotten older and have "opinions" as my six year old likes to call them, they have gotten pickier about the clothes they wear. Basically it comes down to these criteria: 1. They need to be soft. 2. They need to be loose. 4. They need to be "cool". And you know I have boys, so maybe girls are different? But basically whenever Nordstrom has a sale on kids clothes, I need to be all over it. My kids live … [Read More...]

Keeping Our Children Safe Around Water


With summer days at the pool on the horizon, I am honored to have Meg Kevane from Goldfish Swim School sharing her knowledge about water safety. Please read and share these reminders about keeping our children safe around water.  Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes long days at the pool, beach vacations to the shore and family boat excursions. We all look forward to the summer, but as we inevitably spend more time in and around the water with our kids, it is vital to keep water safety top of mind. We have all heard the heartbreaking stories of children drowning in a … [Read More...]

Vacation Without Kids. Yes, dreams do come true.

vacation without kids

Last Tuesday I was walking to the bus stop with my son holding regurgitated pizza in my hand (don't ask). Butterflies stirring in my stomach. How can I leave these boys? I peered into the beige ball of slobbery dough that was slithering between my fingers - a sight that might have made me gag at one point in my life, but now, I don't flinch. Heck, I'd probably eat it and you wouldn't even have to pay me. Who can do this job but me? These boys that I live and breathe, these boys who have never been more than 48 hours away from me for the past 6 years, these boys who have … [Read More...]

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Picks – Women’s Must-haves and Accessories

nordstrom half yearly sale

As promised, I got my favorite people to do the dirty work for you. Your personal shoppers for the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale are here to save the day. Because, hey, if it comes naturally to them, then why should we all struggle through pages and pages or racks and racks (because I suppose there are still people out there who actually still shop in stores as opposed to online - people who have well behaved children *cough*not me*cough*).... Now where was I. Oh yes, why should we struggle through so many choices when we can have the fashionably blessed do it for us? You know, people who can … [Read More...]

How to Pack a Bag

how to pack a bag

How to pack a bag? Hmm. When it comes to packing, I’m kind of useless. I’ve attempted making lists of outfit ideas in advance of the actual practice of packing, I’ve tried saving photos of some vacation ensembles to replicate and of course, I’ve resorted to the tried and true method of dismantling every drawer and closet to compile my favorite staples in an overwhelming heap on the floor. Ultimately I end up with a little headache and a lot clothes that don’t make sense for a quick getaway. I’m such a packing procrastinator in fact that I told Lindsey I would write this post in March, and … [Read More...]

Super Easy Fish Taco Recipe

easy fish taco recipe

Let me think back to the last time I made fish.....................um, ok. The verdict is: NEVER! Ok here's the thing about fish: I like it, I order it when I'm trying to be healthy, but I am seriously intimidated by it. Fish. It sounds sort of, well, fancy. But my neighbors are always buzzing about great fish recipes that they love and swear that they are super easy, so I went up to that fish counter, pretended like I knew what I was doing, and got myself some fish. I love fish tacos and the last time I ordered them and my son ate 3/4 of my plate. I thought I would start there since at least … [Read More...]

It’s a ……..

prenatal testing

And, no. I'm not currently pregnant. But let's take a walk down memory lane.... Top 10 Hardest Things About Pregnancy: 10. Ailments. Including, but not limited to: nausea, heart burn, sciatica. Varicose veins and bruised ribs. Stretch marks, frequent urination, and shortness of breath. Rhymes with schremroids. Swollen feet and charley horses. Sheer and utter exhaustion coupled with a short temper and one freaking remedy for it all: Tylenol. Really? That's it?.....Yep, really. 9. Trying to convince your husband that naming your son "Homer" is a BIG mistake. Big. Huge. (<---- name … [Read More...]

How to Wear High Waist Jeans

how to wear high waisted flares

OK. I get it. You probably hear "high waist" and immediately think this: Mom jeans, right? So let's just all watch this, and then erase it from your memory because the modern high waisted jeans are anything but mom-ish. Not that there is anything wrong with moms. Or their jeans. I'm just flabbergasted by how they got their butts to look so, uhhh, long? Now let's turn our attention to the high waisted jeans of today. These, my friends, have got it all right. They keep everything contained, accentuate the waist, and plumber cracks are no longer a concern.... do I need to go on? High … [Read More...]

6 Ways to Love your House Before you List It


A few years ago we bought a house that was in pretty bad shape. Everything about it was wrong. No really, my mom cried when we told her we were buying it. So what was the appeal? The location. In the area we live, the public schools are top notch, there are tons of  young families in the particular neighborhood we liked, plus it's central to all the local hotspots. My husband convinced me to think of the house as four walls that we could transform into the home of our dreams. Despite the size, I started to envision the potential. Did I want a bigger house with a bigger yard? At the time, yes. … [Read More...]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

mother's day gift ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 1. Ceramic Macroni Necklace: An adorable upgrade from your preschool project. 2. Sambaya Vases: One more excuse to surprise her with fresh flowers every so often. 3. Moroccan Wedding Throw: The perfect combination of comfort and style. 4. Jewelry storage box: Some stuff is just too pretty be tucked away in jewelry boxes. 5. Personalized picnic blanket: A reminder to schedule more family dates now that the weather is warming up. 6. Reading pillow: A little support for those nights she’s up in bed lost in a book. 7. Custom rolling pin: Let the good … [Read More...]

A Mother’s Day Reminder

micro kickboard

Here is short list of things I am really, really ridiculously behind on right now that I should have done this weekend: 10. Clean the dishes that have been sitting in the sink since last night. 9. Fill out the my May and June calendar in my planner (because apparently the planner in my  head is not as reliable as I once thought). There's.....just.....too.......much. 8. Plan meals for the week. which reminds me.... 7. When is the last time I've cleaned out the pantry? 6. Fill out milestones in the baby books. Mental note: buy a baby book for the "baby" who just turned 2. 5. … [Read More...]