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December 28, 2014

As another year comes to an end, I like to reflect on this little space in the internet. Squeezing in the time to write this blog has become something that is very important to me. What once started as a fun experiment, has transformed into a hobby and more recently into a job… with a big emphasis on the quotation marks because although it hardly qualifies as a job, I like to think of it as a potential career someday… you know, when I have more time on my hands. But there is a reason that I MAKE the time for it now. I choose it over laundry and tv and keeping abreast of worldly news events (my husband tells me I really need to work on that last one though…..). This is my bubble, my space to come and write about the things that make me tick. It’s a space where I can write about motherhood and all the ups and downs and although I do this for myself, I wouldn’t come here nearly as much if it weren’t for YOU. Yes YOU. Thank you for reading everything my brain spews out.  Every like, comment, share, pin, tweet and double tap, fuels me to write more. Thank you for helping this space to grow. Seriously, you guys rock. I could keep rambling, but I’ll spare you.

The readers have spoken and here were the most viewed posts of 2014……

Best of 2014…. Parenting Posts

10.  I Will Never Be This Loved Again – Because in these child rearing years, we are showered with love from our children. Is this the most loved we will ever be? love between mother and child

9. Into Everything – Because my toddler is insane. And here is the video that proves it.

8. Fear and Miracles – Because sometimes I can use the platform of this blog to actually help someone. Thank you everyone, from the bottom of my heart, who sent prayers and best wishes to Josh Hardy this past March when he was in desperate need of a life saving drug. I am happy to report that Josh spent the holiday with his family… at home.

7. If You Give a Mom a Moment – Because we do get “moments” as moms, but how we use them?… That’s a whole other story…If you give a mom a moment

6. The Busy Mom’s Guide to Running a Half Marathon –  Because last year I ran a half marathon, and yes, even as a busy mom, we can take time to do something for ourselves!

5. The Thing About Breastfeeding – Because sometimes we just need a little affirmation.



(And, yes. That’s normal)

4. Sometimes – Because, spoiler alert, sometimes we aren’t picture perfect parents.

3. 10 Things You Need to Know About Having a Baby – Because having a baby is sort of a big deal. And here is the truth about how it all goes down… or comes out… or whatever.

Things you need to know about having a baby

2. Survival Tips for SAHM’s – Because sometimes when your post gets on Scary Mommy, you all of a sudden become popular.

1. Letter from the Default Parent – Because telling your back up parent how you run things is apparently fun for other people to read. This post took the cake this year. Thanks for all the love and shares and “me toos”!

default parent

and just for fun here were some other fan favorites…..

Best of 2014… Fashion Posts

3. What Happens in an Anthropologie Dressing Room

3. Covering Up

2. Top 10 Swimsuits for Moms

1. Stitch Fix…. I’m in Love

Best of 2014… Food Posts

3. The Best Layer Dip Ever

2. Delicious and EASY Chicken Dinner

1. One Pot Wonder Chicken and Quinoa

Some of my personal favorites….

3. The Hell That is Feeding My Kids Dinner

2. 7 Reasons I Didn’t Answer the Phone

1. Rambling Thoughts of a First Time Kindergarten Mom

I thrive on your feedback so let me know if you have any ideas for posts in 2015! Some of my most popular posts were inspired by readers! So tell me, what’s on your mind? Comment or email me!!

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